Bhutan is the last Mahayana Buddhist nation. The very basis of the country’s culture and identity is in fact drawn from Buddhist ethos. The influence is visible everywhere – in people’s attitude, behavior, architecture, art and craft, rituals. At the tangible level, the entire country is dotted with prayer flags, stupas, temples, monasteries, sacred sites, and saffron-robed monks, all of which combine to lend an atmosphere of complete spirituality.

Duration: 7-12 days

Entry & exit: Paro airport

Places of visit: four to seven districts of Bhutan

Best seasons: spring and autumn

Tour Highlights

  • We visit sacred sites and religious establishments which date back to the eighth century. Among them, Taktshang (Tiger’s Lair) in Paro is the most easily accessible and considered the ultimate place for spiritual awakening. In addition, we visit Bey Langdra, Kurje Temple, Kyichu Temple, and Gomphu Kora, all highly revered places frequented by Buddhist saints and masters throughout the ages.
  • We interact with monks, nuns and other religious practitioners and discover the rhythm of their daily lives engaged in prayer and meditation. We also receive religious initiations and teachings/talks from a great master, and spend a couple of hours meditating under the guidance of the master within the spiritually enriching confines of a monastery.
  • We see other places of cultural, religious and historical interest along our journey to the sacred places. We also look at the Bhutan Himalayas, the rich and colorful landscapes, villages, farmhouses, people of various ethnic origins, etc.