Duration: 11 nights
Places: western to central Bhutan
Season: spring
Entry & exit: Paro Airport
In-country flight: one-way domestic flight from Bumthang-Paro

Highlights on the package

We ensure that your trip is led by a competent guide who is well-versed in photography and knows places that are less frequented.

We know you have expensive gadgets and equipment to carry and thus a bus will not do. So we take you around in luxurious Toyota Land Cruisers.

We provide you access to local festivals which are not only very colorful and insightful but are neglected by general travelers.

We take you to an archery match for, here in Bhutan, it is more than just a game. It is about a tradition that is expressed with great vigor and vitality. You even get to participate yourself in the game and revelry.

We take you to a village and provide an opportunity to interact with the local folks and also observe their traditional lifestyle.

Watch a nomad dance in the east where tribal customs are fully exhibited in strict accordance with a tradition that began centuries ago.

Watch special mask dances that are rarely seen but preserved with so much reverence back in the far-flung corners where they are performed.

The true essence of Bhutan lies in the hamlets far away from the modern towns. So we will go out of our way to ensure that we get to capture lifestyles that are diminishing under the onslaught of modernization.

To top it all, we know you need a good respite after a tiring day and just any hotel will not do. Relax yourself in some of the best available hotels and lodges wherever we are.