Duration: 9 nights/10 days

Entry & exit: Paro airport

Places to visit: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa, Bumthang

Best season: spring & autumn

Bhutan has debunked the GDP-model of development for a happiness-oriented state policy. Through this tour we look at not only the broad aspects of Bhutan such as culture, people and nature but also find out how the conditions for pursuing happiness are being created. We look at various levels – government, community, household and individual – to find the answers.


  • We look at the socio-economic developments taking place, the projects being implemented, how the state resources are being distributed, and essentially how the people are being economically empowered.
  • We try to deconstruct the so called “Bhutanese culture”. We look at both the tangible and intangible aspects of culture, the values therein, see how culture is being preserved and promoted and how it constitutes the Bhutanese national identity.
  • Preservation of environment is the third pillar that props up Bhutan’s happiness philosophy. As such, we look at Bhutan’s flora, fauna, nature parks, biological corridors and the policies that go into preserving them.
  • We delve into governance to see how politicians, legislators and bureaucrats take up their responsibilities to bring social justice and equity to the people they serve, a necessary yardstick to attain happiness.